Automated Seam Welder

The FALKO ASW (Automated Seam Welding) produces off-axis/bias ply rolls on an industrial scale

In this process conventional master rolls of UD tape up to 24” (606,6 mm) wide, with fibers running lengthwise of the roll, are transformed into rolls of up to 50” (1.270 mm) with fibers in 90°, 45° or – 45° direction. These off-axis/bias ply rolls can then be processed in Continuous compression molding (CCM) or double belt press consolidation processes.

  • Automation of an extremely labour-intensive process
  • Strong and fast weld through continuous ultrasonic welding technology
  • Can be used on an industrial scale (mass production)

Features - Automated seam welder

  • Continuous ultrasonic welding technology
  • Maximum overlap 0.1” (2,54 mm)
  • Real-time overlap verification
  • Variable input tape width
  • Customized off-axis/bias ply tape width
  • Up to 3500 ft2/hr