Automated Tape Layer

Automated tape laying for custom thermoplastic laminates production

The Falko ATL produces large thermoplastic composite laminates and near-net-shape products. The continuous ultrasonic welding technology enables safe, reliable and efficient mass production. With a production capacity of up to 350 m2 per hour, the Falko ATL is an innovation in the mass production of thermoplastic composite parts.

  • High production capacity
  • Superlative quality laminates for consolidation
  • Minimal waste of valuable material

Features - Automated tape layer

  • Aerospace qualified
  • Continuous ultrasonic welding technology
  • AngularCut technology for waste minimization
  • Real-time gap verification for optimal quality
  • Mass production up to 350 m2/hr
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intelligent FalkoCAD CAD/CAM application
  • High precision gantry robot
  • 5 inch multi-touch screen
  • Integrated safety system by means of safety controls and light curtains
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