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Automated Tape Layer

The Falko ATL produces thermoplastic composite laminates and near-net-shape products. The ultrasonic tacking technology allows safe, reliable and efficient mass production. The maximum production capacity up to 450 m2 per hour makes the Falko ATL an innovation in mass production of thermoplastic composite components.

  • High production capacity
  • Laminates of excelling quality
  • Minimum waste of valuable material by AngularCut technology


  • Continuous Ultrasonic Tacking Technology
  • AngularCut Technology
  • Real-time gap verification
  • Mass production up to 450 m2/hr
  • High quality that meets the aerospace standard
  • User friendly interface
  • Intelligent Windows®-based FalkoCAD CAD/CAM application
  • High precision gantry robot
  • 21.5″ inch multi-touch screen
  • Integrated safety system with safety control and light curtains
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